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About Guruji Vishvanath

We are one of the most reputable names you can put your trust in. Our reputation was built on the satisfaction of our loyal customers. It is known that to become successful in something you need to have a lot of practice and background knowledge. This combination can make you reach popularity. This is exactly what happened with us. Our specialists are people full of knowledge and many years of practice. They decided to share their successful techniques with you and help you overcome and solve all the hard problems you were facing with. We are all different and every person is unique. It’s the same thing with problems. Every problem is different and this is why it requires different approach. But all the solutions we offer are related to problems of different nature such as love problems, family problems, job problems, health problems etc. Our specialists were capable of developing new techniques to solve all these problems. We are able to give you a guaranteed satisfaction for using our services. We are people that tell no lies and break no law. We don’t work only to make a profit. The first thing we care about is our customer’s satisfaction. Our team works perfectly only to help you with the problems you have.

Most of our clients cannot think of a way to thank us because of the work we did for them. They are extremely satisfied and think that all the services and techniques we have are very effective. If you decide to choose our services you will treated with respect, reliability and kindness. Here, each person gets all the deserved attention. Don’t hesitate to call us every time you experience some problems. Make a contact with us and tell us everything that bothers you. Because this is the reason we are here, to create a better future for all of you. We are able to make you feel comfortable for who you are, create a successful and normal life for you and people around you. Our main goal is to see a smile on your face knowing that everything is on its place.

It is not a secret that our vashikaran expert is highly trained and experienced astrologer who is much respected in his field. He gained lot of experience for the past several years providing his services to helpless people and the ones who feel desperate seeking for help. Just to know that everyone’s welcomed here. It doesn’t matter how complicated your problem is, don’t be ashamed to share it with us. Because there is nothing shameful in this world. As long as you trust us, we can make everything possible. As a client you will be able to experience immediate results, because we will work on your problem with dedication and sacrifice. We are the right people for you if you want to have an immediate solution. Our specialists understand your problems perfectly, because they’ve seen everything. Just relax and pick up the phone, because very soon your problems will come to an end.

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About Us

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About Arjun Pandit

They say, “Positive thoughts lead to positive results” and the justification of the statement is the example of the lives of the big achievers who have overcome the negativities and earned themselves the luxuries of the world. In this fast forward and busy world, guiding a wide audience and providing beneficial advice to the same is a momentous task but NAVASTU provides the services on the most convenient platform. The vastu services are available online and at the click of a button, one is guaranteed an easy remedy for all related issues.

Arjun Pandit is a world renowned figure in the sciences of Vastu Shastra and his timeless devotion in the field has guided masses to a prosperous life. The valuable advice from Panditji gets a person to attain maximum positive energy levels for himself and his habitat. is a one stop shop for all astrological and Vastu related services with a comprehensive range of products available online that will get one’s success prospects back on track.

The prime services offered by Arjun Pandit at Navastu are:

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  • Urja Harmonizing Therapy
  • Geopathic Stress relief
  • Aura Enhancement
  • Chakra Healing
  • Removal of Evil Energy
  • Gemstone Stability
  • Astrological and Vastu training of Pandits

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  • Vedic Astrology and Lal Kitab
  • Vedic/Energy Vastu
  • Numerology (Ank Jyotish)
  • Navgreha Shanti Harmonizer
  • Vidya Shaktipaat
  • Aura Enhancement Products
  • Treatment of health problems


All the services are offered at par with the best standards and have been acknowledged at the global level by a vast count of satisfied customers. Since a tender age Arjun Pandit Ji has been mesmerized with all the astrological and vastu aspects of life and has long had a desire to help people get their lives balanced and provide them relief from evil issues. With the client network growing and the number of satisfied customers attaining sky level, one can say he has succeeded well.

The special “Pandit Training” program offered by Navastu helps in developing future pundits and they are being educated with the comprehensive astrological knowledge and Vastu Shastra techniques. The classes impart state of the art guidance and extensive counsel to pandits. Each course offers approved certification which is widely accepted and is notably considered worldwide. The city wise registration procedure makes the task completely hassle free.

Navastu has been accredited with being the best instructors of the Lal Kitab knowledge, Janmpatri analysis, energy therapy and architectural guidance. The training literature and video cd’s help one get the benefits of various therapies at the comfort of our homes. We offer guaranteed relief from almost all the ailments without you having to worry about the side effects from medicine. The “Healing without Medicine” philosophy is the key to a healthy life.

Wherever you are in the world, gets you the benefits of the best astrological services with the “Distance Healing Process”. Just provide your birth date information and photograph to be relieved from all the evil issues you have been countering at various stages of life. Navastu services by Arjun Pandit Ji have been a source of inspiration and success for prominent personalities and celebrities. Now anyone can prosper from those with the easiest access and proven testimony of the same. Whatever the issue may be, there is a solution to all at Navastu.


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